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  • The GYTR Power Tuner is a self-contained unit that runs off 2 AA batteries for straightforward fuel and ignition mapping. Plug it directly into your bike and you’re ready to adjust settings without the need for any laptops, downloads, or additional devices. The GYTR tuner gives you an array of functions. 9 custom maps can be saved or edited with fuel and ignition each having 9 points of adjustment for a selection of maps each unique to course conditions or rider preference. When hooked up to the bike, your GYTR tuner’s monitor functions let you take in data from multiple sensors, meaning you can adjust idle timing, see run time hours, and check the self-diagnosis tool for an understanding of your bike’s operation that is hard to get without the GYTR Power Tuner. You don’t even have to be around your bike if you want to create or edit maps. All you need is the tuner. And with its non-volatile memory, you won’t lose any maps or data if the batteries die or are changed out. Create custom maps that fit your preferences like a glove with Yamaha’s GYTR Power Tuner.

  • Create / edit fuel and ignition maps
  • No adapters, computers, or downloads required
  • Gather performance information from your bike’s sensors
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries
  • Use the tuner to create maps even when you’re away from your bike
  • Non-volatile memory saves information even when batteries die
  • 9 customizable maps
  • 9 points of adjustment for ignition
  • 9 points of adjustment for fuel
  • Monitor function lets you:
    Adjust idle speed
    View total run hours
    Gather data from multiple system sensors


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