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Renthal single compound grips are available in 3 different patterns (MX DIAMOND/WAFFLE, FULL DIAMOND and FULL WAFFLE), plus ATV and TRIALS. Each pattern is available in 3 advanced synthetic rubber compounds. This means you can have the optimum combination of strength, tackiness and shock absorption to suit every riding condition and individual style.

The firm grip (DARK GREY) has the same feel as a stock grip, it is very strong and has very good resistance to tearing and abrasion.

The soft grip (LIGHT GREY) is extremely soft, it gives you a very comfortable ride, great feel and reduces the chance of blisters. However, because the grip is so soft it wears quickly.

The medium (MEDIUM GREY) is a compromise between the two.

Renthal Single Compound Off Road/Dirt Grips

Available colours and type
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