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No-Toil, no toxins, no problem! Maintaining an air filter can be easy and economical. Trouble is, petroleum-based filter oils contain toxic ingredients—and the solvents required to clean them are equally harmful. Now, No-Toil Evolution oil packs offer a powerful "green" solution for your foam air filter—great dirt-stopping tackiness and high-airflow characteristics … without the alcohol! Included in these combo packs is a bottle of Evolution Bio filter cleaner, which does an amazing job getting your dirty filter fresh and ready for oiling. No-Toil air filter oil packs work with any brand of foam filter and are available in 2-packs with cleaner and oil—or in 3-packs with cleaner, oil, and rim grease for complete maintenance and install. Is it magic, or science? It doesn't matter. No-Toil Evolution air filter oil packs produce results that are remarkable!


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